19th October - 24th October 2014

1. schedule

2. presentations: reading, best practice examples / surveys / teachers' situations

a) Germany - Bobingen

b) Germany - Augsburg

c) Poland

d) Slovakia

e) Norway

f) Turkey

g) Spain

Our Prezi presentations:

Our students presentation:

Our theatre project for April 2015:

"homework" preparation AFTER 3rd meeting:

#1 timeline for auditions – Monicas documents (or download )
#2 uploads to WIKI of ALL presentations from Mersin meeting
#3 please don’t forget owlfinch !! some colleagues urgently want to go on with working groups
#4 final report – booklet
Edit ALL presentations to WORD-documents with
  • Font ARIAL 12
  • All documents with separate jpgs – see attached example
  • Send to http://1drv.ms/1peP6q9 . . the sooner, the better !! – date: end of January
  • Approximate pages per school 10 – 12, try to avoid duplexity
Content: (each school)
  1. Short introduction of school
  2. Results of survey
  3. Presentations (converted, maybe shorted)
  4. Conclusions, resume
  5. “student’s comments” – contributions
Press releases - IMPORTANT

1 extra page about each meeting
Germany (Elke+Maria) Norway (Arne) Turkey (Mehmet)
Group picture + cultural pic + ???
Mireia – the Spanish event will be attached as a CD in each booklet on the last page in cover, then we have the chance to add an additional movie

Introduction of project and content page will be added by me